After-glow, luminescent thermal quenching, and energy band structure of Ce-doped yttrium aluminum-gallium garnets

Journal of Luminescence, 2017,9, 192

Yttrium aluminum-gallium garnets with cerium doped is most widely used as green-yellow phosphor in solid state lighting. Extensive research has been performed on this material concerning the luminescent thermal quenching resistance and persistent luminescence. In this paper we find that a negative correlation exists between temperature-dependent luminescence and persistent luminescence with gallium content varying. The correlation originates from the electronic structures which influence both the thermal quenching of luminescence and persistent luminescence. A detailed crystal-field calculation has been performed to understand the peak shifts. In addition, theoretical calculations reveal that oxygen vacancies provide trap levels which implement the persistent luminescence. This material could be used as potential blue-light excited persistent luminescent material, with the after-glow time up to about 1. h with only cerium as the dopant, which is expected to be prolonged by co-doping other elements. This work may be helpful in guiding the discovery of other after-glow materials.