Crystal structure and photoluminescence of (Y1−xCex)2Si3O3N4

J. Lumin., 2011, 131, 2, 336.

Oxonitridosilicate phosphors with compositions of (Y1−xCex)2Si3O3N4 (x=0−0.2) have been synthesized by solid state reaction method. The structures and photoluminescence properties have been investigated. Ce3+ ions have substituted for Y3+ ions in the lattice. The emission and excitation spectra of these phosphors show the characteristic photoluminescence spectra of Ce3+ ions. Based on the analyses of the diffuse reflection spectra and the PL spectra, a systematic energy diagram of Ce3+ ion in the forbidden band of sample with x=0.02 is given. The best doping Ce content in these phosphors is ∼2 mol%. The quenching temperature is ∼405 K for the 2 mol% Ce content sample. The luminescence decay properties were investigated. The primary studies indicate that these phosphors are potential candidates for application in three-phosphor-converted white LEDs.