Crystal field splitting of 4fn−15d-levels of Ce3+ and Eu2+ in nitride compounds

Journal of Luminescence 194 (2018) 461–466

Recently a lot of Ce3+/Eu2+-activated nitride and oxonitride phosphors have been explored due to potential or practical application for white-light LEDs. In this paper, data of crystal field splitting of the 4f n−15d-levels of Ce3+ and Eu2+ in nitride compounds is collected and analyzed. The relationship between the crystal field splitting and the coordination polyhedron around the Ce3+ and Eu2+ is revealed, showing that crystal field splitting is related to coordination number, polyhedron shape and size, while being irrelevant of the anion types. In addition, the crystal field splitting of Ce3+ and Eu2+ in the nitride compounds is correlated by a multiplication factor 0.76, which is in consistent with those in halides, sulfides and oxides. This paper makes it possible to predict luminescence properties of Ce3+- or Eu2+- doped nitride compounds.