Functional Metal-Based Nanomaterials from Metallopolymers

Wai-Yeung Wong*

Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Hong Kong, P.R. China


Metal-containing polymers represent an important research field due to their combination of unique and intriguing redox, electronic, magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties and their ability to be easily processed and fabricated into thin films, fibers, and other forms. As these metallopolymers can be readily shaped and patterned using various lithographic techniques, they offer a convenient synthetic access to patterned arrays of metal NPs with control of their composition and density per unit area. In the first part of this talk, the recent advances in developing new functional organometallic polyyne polymers as precursors to magnetic metal alloy nanoparticles and their lithographic patterning studies will be presented. These metallated polymers (both main-chain and side-chain polymers) are promising as building blocks in realizing high-density magnetic data storage media where the convenient and rapid patterning of magnetic NPs is highly desirable. The bottom-up synthesis of functional 2D metallopolymers from molecular precursors will also be presented in the second part and the resulting metal-complex nanosheets are shown to find wide applications in optoelectronics.

黄维扬,现为香港理工大学应用科学及纺织学院暂任院长、应用生物及化学科技学系讲座教授和欧雪明能源教授。1992年获香港大学化学专业一级荣誉学士学位;1995年获香港大学博士学位;1996至1997分别于美国德州农工大学和英国剑桥大学从事博士后研究。现为香港化学会主席;长期担任多种国际期刊的编委和国际编委顾问成员:如担任Journal of Materials Chemistry C及Materials Advances 副主编, Topics in Current Chemistry主编和Journal of Organometallic Chemistry编辑。长期专注于无机化学中金属有机聚合物/配合物的设计、合成及其光电应用等领域的基础与应用研究。2014年起连续七年入选为汤森路透/科睿唯安高被引科学家,H-索引指数为83(Scopus),获英国皇家化学会会士、香港裘槎基金会“优秀科研者奖”、英国皇家化学会“过渡金属化学奖”(首位华人)、国家教育部高校自然科学奖一等奖(排名第一)、亚洲化学会联合会杰出年青化学家奖、“何梁何利基金科学与技术创新奖”、国家自然科学奖二等奖(排名第一)、日本光化学学会亚洲及泛洋洲光化学科学家讲学奖、香港研资局“高级研究学者奖”、国家教育部“长江学者”讲座教授和香港青年科学院创院院士称号等奖项或称号。


ZOOM: 83963908859



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