Stability of divalent/trivalent oxidation state of europium in some Sr-based inorganic compounds

J. Lumin., 2012, 132, 7, 1768.

This work investigates the stability of Eu2+ and Eu3+ in some Sr-based inorganic compounds. Generally reducing condition is adopted in order to obtain Eu2+, however, the Eu doped SrAl2O4/SrLaAlO4 case indicates that for some compounds Eu3+ is stabilized even in reducing atmosphere. Bond valence method is applied to explain this phenomenon and it reveals that crystal structure also determines the valence state of europium cations along with reducing/oxidizing condition. An analysis of other Eu doped Sr-based materials is performed which shows the relationship between Eu2+/Eu3+ stability and the Global Instability Index (GII). This research provides a guideline for synthesizing specific novel Eu2+/Eu3+ phosphors.