Vacuum referred binding energies, electronic structure, and materials properties

Knowledge on the electronic structure of a compound together with its intended and unintended defects are crucial to explain its physical and chemical properties. In this seminar Prof. Dorenbos will show how the empirical models were obtained and their physical relevance.  Particularly, the chemical shift model that provides a method to routinely establish the binding energy in the lanthanide states and the host valence and conduction band will be explained. With knowledge on the VRBE at the CB and VB of compounds one may also use spectroscopic data on 3dq, 4dq, and 5dq transition metals or s2-elements like Tl+, Pb2+, Bi3+ to establish their level locations in the bandgap. At the end of the seminar the relevance for other fields of science like battery potentials, photo-catalytic properties, semi-conductor science, and computational physics will be addressed.

Pieter Dorenbos

 Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Mekelweg 15, 2629JB, Delft, The Netherlands

Pieter Dorenbos is head of the section Luminescence Materials and has over 30 years of experience in the field. From the start of his career at TU-Delft in 1988, he has been developing inorganic scintillating materials for detection of ionizing radiation. It has led to various patented and now commercially available new scintillators. Dorenbos developed various models to explain and predict the electronic structure, i.e. the electronic level locations of the lanthanides with respect to the conduction and valence band and with respect to the vacuum level. Those models are widely adopted in the field, and extremely useful to understand and predict luminescence properties. In recognition of his work he received in 2018 the Centennial outstanding achievement award from the Luminescence and Display Materials Division of the Electrochemical  society. Dorenbos has an Hirsch index of 68 and  (co)-authored more than 415 peer reviewed papers in scientific journals that were cited more than 18600 times (situation March 2019).

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